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Envoy – The Migration Company, is a top-notch Migration consultant with unmatched expertise in providing excellent visa processing solutions. We have been helping individuals achieve their dreams of settling abroad for over a decade and have successfully helped many families settled in countries such as Canada and Australia Our specialization in processing successful visas has made us the most sought-after Migration consultant in India. We have an exceptional track record of processing successful visas for Canada and Australia.

At Envoy, we prioritize your professional and personal requirements before suggesting the best visa options for you. Our consulting experts carefully study your profile and provide counseling based on your future aspirations. We guarantee that after meeting with our experts, all your doubts and queries will be resolved, and you will be proactive enough to complete the process at the fastest pace and take a flight to your dream country.

Our Post Landing assistance services will be an added benefit to you in your new country, as we provide job search assistance, pick-up assistance, and accommodation assistance. We ensure that we are there for you until you are permanently settled in the country. Whether you are a student aspiring to study abroad, a businessman enthusiastic to work abroad, or a visitor wishing to go on a holiday abroad, Envoy is your gateway to overseas opportunities

Why Consider Immigration to Another Country?

Moving to another country and settling there can be a life-changing experience. Some of the main reasons why people choose to immigrate to another country include:

  1. Better salary and job prospects
  2. Improved standard of living
  3. More stable political environment
  4. Vibrant multicultural cities
  5. Better healthcare and education
  6. Opportunity to bring family members abroad for a better life
  7. Better opportunities for children
  8. Ability to bring family members abroad
  9. Increased earning potential
  10. More job opportunities
  11. Better healthcare and education
How to Migrate to Another Country There are several pathways to obtain permanent residency in another country, including through the work stream, family stream, study stream, or as an investor or business stream. Depending on your individual circumstances, you may be eligible to acquire permanent residency straightaway, or you may choose to study or work abroad first and apply for permanent residency later on. Each country has its own eligibility criteria, which may include meeting basic requirements, language requirements, health requirements (verified through a medical examination), police clearance certificate (PCC), and proof of funds, if required. The specific requirements will vary depending on the immigration program and country.

Requirements for Migration

Each Migration program has its own minimum eligibility requirements and required paperwork. It is important to carefully review and provide supporting documentation for the claims made in your Migration application. Common requirements may include:

  1. Basic eligibility, such as meeting the requirements of programs like Express Entry in Canada or Subclass 189 in Australia.
  2. Language Requirements, including demonstrating proficiency in the official language of the country you are immigrating to
  3. Health requirements which may involve undergoing a medical examination by a panel doctor to verify your health status.
  4. Police Clearance Certificate (PCC), which may be required to demonstrate that you have no criminal record.
  5. Proof of funds, if required to show that you have enough financial resources to support yourself and your family in the new country.


Migration involves complex technical procedures.
Our team of Evaluation Experts thoroughly assesses your profile to provide you with comprehensive information.

  • Profile

  • Country
    Specific Assessment

  • Occupation
    Specific Analysis

  • Checklist of
    Required Documents

  • Estimated Costs
    and Timelines

Success Stories Around The World

Raj Ivaturi

I would like to thank Envoy migrate for their expert guidance and exceptional experience throughout the process. They clearly kept me informed about every step of the process. I am glad that I approached Envoy Migrate for my permanent residence Canada processing. I would recommend Envoy Migrate for your Immigration needs.

Kumar Bongarala

We availed Canada Immigration services from Envoy Migrate. The team helped us in every stage of the PR process by meticulously reviewing our documents, especially the NOC/Reference letters. We thank the entire team for helping us throughout the process. Today, we are Citizens of Canada, the land of Immigrants!

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